• Clever, considered and intended


    We ensure all aspects of our buildings are designed and documented so that every element is both functional and aesthetically coordinated.

  • Accurate, detailed & comprehensive

    Project Documentation

    Our team utilises Industry best practice, expertise and technical ability to ensure your drawings deliver the project as intended.

  • Tendering & Construction supervision

    As part of our services we offer a full service, supporting the construction team throughout the process to completion.

Project Documentation
Our team have proven experience in the accurate and comprehensive documentation for tender and construction. Our project experience is diverse, with detailed knowledge of Australian Standards, Building code and best trade practice. Our team are highly skilled in writing accurate specifications and undertaking comprehensive detailing to ensure a streamlined construction process.
Consultant Coordination
Over the last 15 years we have developed a network of highly experienced Consultants to facilitate effective comprehensive project delivery. The team includes Surveyors, Consulting Engineers, and Energy Raters, all having proven experience in a diverse range of building types. We can assist in obtaining quotes and coordinating to ensure a smooth Architectural process.
Our experience team has proven experience in tendering from small invited tenders through to large commercial open tenders. Our tendering process delivered to ensure the best values contract, with the highest quality Builders. We can work with your suggested builders and can  also draw on the network of Builders developed over the last 15 years to ensure you of the best outcome.
Quality Documentation
Our team have developed QA systems, process and procedures to ensure risks are minimised. We have proven systems which have been tested and refined to allow a smooth process from documentation though to construction.
Cost Control
Our team experience coupled with experienced Quantity surveyors allows you peace of mind of meeting budgetary expectations. Our in house experience of local construction rates coupled with Industry leading Quantity surveyors allow all parties to accurately understand potential construction costs at all points of the process.
Construction Administration
On site support, the monitoring of time, cost and quality are critical to the successful delivery of our projects. 3iD Studios Architecture have proven experience in administering large scale projects throughout the process to allow for a more streamlined construction process.

Our team have the practical and technical expertise in Architectural  Documentation & Administration to deliver your project successfully.

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