• Long term planning

    Strategic Vision

  • Understanding social trends

    Context Analysis

  • Ensuring developing communities

    Infrastructure planning

  • Integrated Landscape & open spaces

    Maximise Public space & Recreation

Long term planning
For the ultimate success in large scale capital works it is critical to understand and respond to changing demographics & social change. We can assist in translating this information in responsive large scale designs that will be successful in both the short and long term maximising the possibilities of capital investment.
Urban Planning
Effective Urban Planning relies on the provision of quality infrastructure, well planned central utilities and services and quality public open space. Considered & effective design from the outset ensures the development of successful communities in the future.
Understanding Relationships
By analysing the site and its attributes and developing effective pedestrian and vehicular networks and links is one of the core considerations to be made in the master planning process on all scales.

Effective Buildings, Schools & Town planning in the future  requires real understanding and consideration of the rapid changes that occur in our culture over time and how this is likely to effect what is proposed today .


3iD Architecture have experience in master planning to ensure large scale development meets the objectives in terms of function, social outcomes and yield. Our process allows the rapid generation and testing of options, the analysis of the pros and cons of each leading to the synthesis of design solutions that meet the brief for all stakeholders.

We have experience in facilitating the master planning process in education and multi residential development to ensure all future capital works are co-ordinated and supportive of the greater objectives.

Our Master planning clients include: